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Tummydrops Ginger (bag of 30 individually wrapped drops) Review

Benefits of Ginger Wrapped Into a Tasty Snack

Ginger has been used for health purposes for thousands of years, both in the Eastern culture of the Orient and the Western culture of Europe and the Americas. It is the root of the plant that is a beneficial aid to treat a variety of digestive and intestinal disorders as well as motion sickness. These benefits and the wonderful flavor of ginger have been wrapped up into tummy drops ginger, created specifically as an aid for people who suffer from such disorders.

Reason for Popularity

Tummydrops ginger are created from the best types of fresh ginger root and other healthy ingredients. The immense popularity of these healthy treats can be attributed to the fact that ginger has been used for years for both medicine and food in hundreds of ethnic groups around the world. Consequently ginger based products are trusted and welcomed in homes around the globe.

Questions Consumers Have About Tummydrops Ginger

People who may be considering using tummydrops ginger to help with digestive issues often have questions about the type of ingredients used and manufacturing process. What types of ginger is used? Where is the ginger grown? Does the product conform to the free trade agreements? and Is it produced with genetically modified techniques? Are commonly asked questions.

Answers to Questions About Tummydrops Ginger

Consumers who are concerned about their health find the answers to these questions valuable for their own health. Furthermore they find it comforting to know that there is conservation of the ecological systems in the areas where the ginger and other ingredients are sourced.

The ginger used in the tummy drops is organic, grown and produced under fair trade agreements in various countries. It is certified to be organic and non-GMO, which is one of the primary reasons it has been the popular choice used to treat digestion and intestinal upsets including nausea from pregnancy or motion sickness.

What People Like About Tummydrops Ginger

The use of fair and free trade products in health foods or products for consumption is perhaps the most important quality in the ginger tummy drop products. They do not have byproducts from questionable sources and are formulated to be easy on the digestive system.

Consumers have grown up using these drops to treat their own upset stomachs so it is not surprising that they are now recommending them to their children and grandchildren. Not only because they work but also because they are an affordable, easy method of treating upset stomach pain and discomfort. What adds to the popularity is that they are completely gluten free with no wheat or byproducts and are manufactured in the United States.

What People Dislike About Tummydrops Ginger

Consumers have stated that they find the drops quite spicy and some people find them to be too spicy for their tastes. As an alternative, some choose peppermints to help calm stomach pains. Travel sickness can also be treated with these ginger tummy drops but some find the hot spicy flavor of ginger to be too much for their taste buds and stomachs to handle. For those, an inhalable from of ginger has proven to be more suitable.


In spite of the few dislikes, this product remains quite popular amongst consumers. The reason behind such popularity is that people seem to like that it is made of organic ginger, cane sugar, and natural flavors. Out of 877 reviews, these scored nearly four out of five stars by consumers who left comments after using the ginger tummy drops for stomach nausea, travel sickness or morning sickness. There are thirty (30) individually wrapped drops in the bag and the company is based in the United States.