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Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer

Our site offers some information about the herbs, focusing on ginger, and how it may operate in the body. It may be that you will see claims about the properties of ginger. These are based on personal opinions alone and may not represent medically sound information that can be taken strictly to heart.

The properties of ginger are well known in specific cultures but the actual benefits that you receive from it may be unique or different and there is always the chance that you may have a natural allergy to ginger. Such reactions are not uncommon and can take place with any herb or product for that matter.

To that end, the following information and disclaimer are applicable to our website.

Section 1

Our website contains general medical information and some information about specific herbs. That information found here is not necessarily advice. Under no circumstances should this information be treated as medical advice nor should it be used to replace the care and treatment of a qualified medical professional.

Section 2

Our website makes no warranties about the medical information listed here nor do we claim that ginger is in any way more than a simple herb/spice that may provide some properties that are desirable. Though we strive to give as complete and as carefully vetted information as possible, mistakes do happen and there are no warranties of any type, either express or implied warranty for the information that you will find here.

Section 3

We do not warrant nor do we represent that the information that is found regarding ginger or its properties shall be:

True, wholly accurate, current, complete, correct
Constantly or continuously available or even available at all
Medically helpful

Section 4

At no time should any person depend or rely on the information that is found on our website as an alternative to sound medical information from a doctor, nurse, or professional healthcare provider.

1. If you have questions about any medical problem, you should always ask a qualified medical professional

2 If you may have or think you have a medical condition, you should seek proper medical attention

3 You should not delay in seeking medical advice, using medical advice or stop any treatment in deference for any information that you may read here on our website.

Our website allows you to interact with us, but that interaction may be slow to come or may –when it does appear be incomplete or sometimes misleading. You agree that information we offer you is not specific advice and is not meant to in any way replace medical information.

Limitations of Liability

Nothing in this disclaimer will limit or exclude liability for death or personal injury that results from negligence or limit liability for fraudulent claims or misrepresentation of a product or service.
This disclaimer may not exclude any liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.