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Growing Ginger – What You Need to Know

Growing Ginger Explained

Ginger root, by virtue of how much it accomplished and how many uses that it has, seems to the new gardener to be something that would be very difficult to grow. The reality is that it’s fairly simple to cultivate and generally will take off on its own.Ginger can be easily neglected because it’s simply a fast growing and easy to grow plant that just does not require a great deal of extra effort.

You can harvest your ginger root, replant the new pieces and leave it alone, given a few of the right conditions, and it will just grow. There’s no mystique to it, and it does not require a vast amount of effort on your part.

Growing at Home
You can actually begin growing your ginger root at home using pieces that you buy in the store. If you live in a cooler climate you’re going to be able to grow ginger very easily in a tub or a pot inside the house. It will honestly grow well in any climate but it also grows well and doesn’t require a lot of space, on a windowsill or a shelf, given the right amount of light.

Ginger root, is not actually the root. The Ginger has a rhizome. That’s the part that you eat, and that rhizome has roots attached, but given that many people term the rhizome as the root, we’re going to follow that tradition and use the term ginger root for the sake of argument.

Ideal Growth Environment
Ginger is a plant that likes to be somewhat sheltered away from the wind, harsh sunlight, and it does like warm weather. It takes a very rich soil that has a reasonable level of humidity. Strong sunlight or very direct sunlight will not make this plant grow to its best. It should have fairly evenly damp soil, but never soggy or overly wet. If you see it this way, you’re over watering and should cut back a bit.

Growing Store Bought
If you buy ginger from the store, simply soak it in a bucket of water overnight, since many shops will use some type of treatment. Once you’ve done that, then you simply plant it. You don’t have to wait for roots to develop or any of those things, just drop it into the soil and wait for the growth.

Ginger is a tropical plant that loves its sun and warmth, but doesn’t care for anything in excess, much like any other tropical plant. Getting it just right however, isn’t really necessary.

Selecting the Soil
The one thing that you are going to need when growing ginger is some very good soil. The plant requires a lot to feed it. You can add fertilizing agents such as miracle grow and get a great start for your ginger growing. The soil needs to be rich enough to hold onto the moisture so that your plant doesn’t grow dry, but well set up for drainage so that it doesn’t have any issues with getting water logged.

Growing ginger inside or outside simply isn’t rocket science. With the right soil and a filtered kind of sunlight, you’re going to get it going just perfectly and be able to harvest your own ginger without the need for buying it.