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How to Grow Ginger

Growing Your Endless Supply of Ginger

Ginger or Zingiber officinale is a handy food or spice to have in your kitchen.  For most, keeping your pantry stocked involves making a number of frequent trips to your local grocery store. There is, however, an alternative method that is not only economical but also lots of fun. Not only can you have this week’s supply of ginger but instead an endless supply. Yes, a supply of ginger that never runs out and never requires you to spend more money. So what is this what almost seems to be magical method? Simply grow your own endless supply of ginger! Red more to learn how to grow ginger successfully.

How to Grow Ginger in Limited Space

So you might be saying, “But I don’t have space to grow ginger” Fear not, as you can have all the ginger you need even if you live in a high rise condo or an urban apartment that does not have space for a traditional garden.

In fact, you can even grow this kitchen favorite in a small corner of your balcony or even indoors right in your kitchen for that matter. A few pots and containers will be sufficient, and these don’t necessarily have to be large. This covers the requirements for spacing but there are things you need to know to ensure your ginger also has a favorable growing environment.

Basic Facts About Zingiber Officiale Ideal Growing Environment

Before you start to grow your own ginger, there are a few things you need to consider. Ginger likes partial shade, and it cannot tolerate frost. Neither does it do well under harsh, full sun. If you live in a place where winters are cold, you need to plant your ginger in pots so you can bring these indoors when the weather becomes unfavorable. So now that space requirements and ideal growth conditions have been covered, you are probably wondering where is the best place to get your initial ginger stock to get started.

Where to Get Your Stock

A nursery would be the ideal place to get your starter stock of ginger. This way you can be sure your ginger is organic, or free from chemical inhibitors that might prevent it from sprouting while it is in your kitchen. To get started, you can use either starter knobs or seeds.

You can also do this, the next time you buy ginger. Buy three times the amount you normally use and keep the excess in a cool, dry place. In a couple of weeks, these should start to sprout a few buds.

When the buds are about a fourth of an inch, you can put your ginger in soil. If you have a large enough knob with several sprouts, you can cut the knob into smaller pieces and have even more to plant. Do take precaution and make sure the ensuing pieces are not too small to be viable. Given sufficient time each bud will grow into an individual plant. For this reason, it is a good idea to place each piece in a separate pot and by now you must be asking, “ What type of pot?”

How to Grow Ginger Starter Crop

To plant ginger successfully, you will need shallow but wide pots because this crop grows its roots horizontally. If you use a pot, you also exercise better control of the amount of sunlight and moisture your plants will get. Furthermore, it would also be wise to put these ginger pots in caddies or trolleys, so you can move them easily.

How to Grow Ginger Basic Pointers for Caring for Your Stock.

  • Plant your ginger root in rich soil in a pot that allows for good drainage.
  • Position the root with the shoot or the bud pointing upwards.
  • Cover the root with about two inches of soil.
  • Pack the soil very lightly around the plant, making sure you do not damage the bud.
  • Water the pot well but do this gently, so that it is very moist but not soaking wet.
  • Position the pot in a place that will provide warmth for your plants yet no expose them to too much sunlight.
  • Keep the pot moist but always water plant lightly as too much water will cause the roots to rot.


If you follow these simple pieces of advice, in time you can begin to make use of your ginger stock. So how long will it take for your ginger to grow and be ready to use?