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Popular Cocktails That Are Made With Ginger

People have been using ginger in one form or another for countless centuries already. They’ve been using it in natural remedies to treat all sorts of problems; they’ve been using it for cosmetic purposes, and more recently, it has found its way into a range of irresistible cocktails. While some cocktails specifically call for ginger to be used, it is worth noting that you can incorporate ginger into almost any drink to make ginger beer, ginger cocktails or other types of beverages.

Not only is ginger wonderfully healthy for you, it is also delicious, and it when used correctly, it adds spice, warmth, and depth to virtually any mixed drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Are you ready to take your cocktail experience to a whole new level? Great, here are a few super-duper cocktails made with ginger to get you going:

1. Ginger Kissed Vodka, Lime and Soda
To make a vodka based ginger cocktails follow these steps. Grate one or two teaspoons of fresh ginger and add it to a cup of neat vodka. Allow this to sit for a few hours or even for a day or two, and then strain, making sure that you squeeze all the juice/alcohol from grated ginger. You can store this for ages and use it on the fly. To use it, simply add half a tot measure to a tot of vodka, and then add your lime and soda. More of the infused vodka can be added to taste.

2. Ginger Infused Mojitos and Margaritas
Place a few medium sized pieces of peeled fresh ginger in a blender or food processor, add water, and then blend until you have a smooth mixture. Once you are done, strain the water to remove any bits of ginger, and store your pure ginger juice in the freezer for as long as you want, or pour it into a squeeze bottle and refrigerate so that you have a supply on hand. Make your Mojitos and Margaritas as you normally would, but give them a delicious twist by adding one or two squirts of your prepared ginger mix.

3. Vodka or Tequila Ginger Shrub
Another type of ginger cocktail popular some years back are shrubs that consisted of fruit or vegetables, along with a sweetener and some vinegar. These were hugely popular during the colonial era and are now making a definitive comeback.

To make a very basic shrub, pour half a cup of ginger juice (see above) into a medium to large sized jar, and then add about a third of a cup of sugar and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Now shake your jar until all the sugar has dissolved. Don’t worry if the resultant mixture appears to be too tart initially, because the tartness of the vinegar will mellow after it has rested for a while.

To make your ginger shrub cocktail, mix two ounces of tequila or vodka with half an ounce of your shrub mixture. Now add half an ounce of your favorite juice or soda, and enjoy.